Protect the Mattole Watershed and Get informed about whats happening on Rainbow Ridge!

Why The Rainbow Ridge Conservation Effort Is So Important

Why The Rainbow Ridge Conservation Effort Is So Important

An Ancient Un-entered Forest with Complex Habitat Structure Critical to Biodiversity Already at Risk.

This “last of the last” unentered low elevation coastal Douglas-Fir forest is threatened by logging. Ranibow Ridge is part of a grassland/hardwood/fir forestland mosaic immediately adjacent to Humboldt Redwoods State Park and Rockefeller Forest. Cutting down a primeval forest that sequesters more carbon than nearly any other forest on earth will accelerate Climate Change and endanger more species and ecotones. - Michael Evenson

Rainbow Ridge: An Irreplaceable Natural Treasure


Demand A Conservation Corridor: Keep The Lost Coast Wild

There is less than 5% of ancient stands remained in 1988. It’s now 2019 and Rainbow Ridge represents the last surviving untouched ancient forest in the Mattole Watershed.

It’s now or never to protect what will remain for future generations.

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A Complex Habitat For Many Interdependent Species


Northern Spotted Owl is nesting in the area of logging for the first time in years and the tree which is being defended by Rook, a Tree Sitter is home to Sonoma Tree Voles, a species of concern because it is favored prey by Spotted Owls.

Global Issues Meet Local Issues

The Micro Climate of the Pacific North West Contribute to Regulating Global Temperatures.

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Mattole River Salmon Runs Will Be Impacted. We can Learn From the Past.

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Mattole Community Has Long History Working to Restore & Protect the Watershed

Restoration and Direct Action : Committed to Defending The Forests


Lost Coast League Tried Everything

Lost Coast League Tried Everything

Other Companies Owned By The Fisher Family

Other Companies Owned By The Fisher Family