Protect the Mattole Watershed and Get informed about whats happening on Rainbow Ridge!

Rook's Food & Water Rationed

Rook's Food & Water Rationed

July 9th, “supporters of Tree Sitter Rook’s ongoing resistance against destruction of Rainbow Ridge, attempted to deliver supplies. Nearly 24 hours later, Rook has not received the delivered supplies! For 6 days Rook has not received any food or water Rook has not received any food or water. Security guards also took their tarps and last night and morning there was substantial fog and rain. Rook is soaked through. ⁣” - Forest Defender

Having protected this tree for one month, Rook faces harsh weather conditions and now is litterally being starved by the Lear Security forces. Here her recent KMUD Interview below.

CALL PAUL TROUETTE, CEO of Lear Asset Management, and demand that he deliver food, water, and gear supplies to Rook immediately. His number is: (707)489-9663⁣

and contact HRC officials! Demanding that they provide a written confirmation that they will not fell the tree that Rook occupies! ⁣
- John Andersen - director of forest policy cell: (707)272-1177 jandersen@mendoco.com, lgarbocci@mendoco.com ⁣
- Bob Mertz - CEO ‪(707) 467 3385‬⁣
- Dennis Thibeault - Vice President dthibeault@mendoco.com⁣

June 30, 2019

Rook’s Thoughts From The Crown of “Trickster"

“Last night Lear prevented a resupply, and seized the tarp, food, water and clean clothing my friends tried to send me. Today they let me have a portion of it - water, some food.

The private security firm continues to keep a 24 hour guard under my tree, and controls my access to food, water, hygiene and shelter, in the name of "safety", and to protect the inalienable right of private property.

The forest around me has been cut, scraped, dug and contoured into a road for logging trucks. Across the new road is a stand of hardwoods, killed in 2017 by herbicides. Under me is a pile of excavated stumps and felled trees.

Down the hill, I can just see the tops of several other large, mature, complex trees which fall outside the industry's narrow definition of 'old growth'. They're all marked to be cut - like removing an entire middle generation, leaving only newly planted Douglas-Fir and a few, rare, protected old trees. When eventually they succumb to disease, wind, or the next round of logging, there will be nothing to replace them.

I still have enough basic resources to live up here, and I am committed to at least seeing this one tree through the ongoing destruction. Its frustrating, isolating, but I know what I'm doing is right, and that my friends and comrades and people I haven't even met yet from near and far are all working hard to keep the Mattole wild!” - Rook

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Treemate Update - The Homeless Tree Vole.

A Heart Warming Post on Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/blockade.babes/

Amidst the chaos and destruction unleashed by @getredwood upon the #mattoleforest and those trying to defend it, life #persists and #adapts. Another Sonoma tree vole (arborimus pomo) moved into #treesitter Rooks gear bag, seeking #refuge after the damage done to its nest by the masked #climber that was sent up the #threatened tree to deprive Rook of food and water. With a strong preference for #oldgrowth #douglasfir, this critter had no where else to turn. Rook gently relocated the little red #herbivore into a #reusablegrocerybag where it has collected a hoard of #douglasfir needles, aka #volegroceries.

The arrival of these #creatures has highlighted the fact that this forest is thick with #wildlife #habitat, much of it #arboreal. It turns out that #humboldtredwoodcompany knew this all along, their head biologist published a paper detailing the #rarespecies behavior and habitat years ago.

Guess what area of #wildforest they used as an example in the study? None other than the #beloved Mattole Forest of Rainbow Ridge! Each square on the map represents a square mile!

Screen shot 2019-07-05 at 6.52.32 PM.png

See Full Sonoma Tree Vole Habitat Report Here

Updated: Rook remains #strong and #steadfast, hypothesizing that if this giant tree can be saved it will continue to store more #carbon than their lifetimes worth of emissions as well as providing habitat for generations of rare species.


Rook would like help calculating the carbon stored in this tree, which is about 175 ft. tall and 5 ft. wide at the bottom.

Message From Rook

Message From Rook

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