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From Tree-Sitter, Rook’s Perspective

From Tree-Sitter, Rook’s Perspective


For Updatesfrom Rook, the Tree Sitter on Rainbow Ridge, Follow The Forest Defenders Here.

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Treemate Update & Rough Conditions

June 27, 2019 —— After Humboldt RedWood Company (HRC) began felling trees dangerously close and intentionally towards Rook wile in the Tree Sit, a lock down action occurred by the Forest Defenders. Rook filmed as a Forest Defender entered an active logging operation in the Rainbow Ridge Region of the Mattole headwaters and was locked to an excavator to stop logging and road clearing; Locking down to the same excavator that endangered Rook on Monday when workers toppled trees dangerously close to hitting the Tree Sit. Humboldt County Deputy Sheriffs removed and arrested him at around 8 a.m. and he was released shortly thereafter.

June 25, 2019


Urgent Alert! Humboldt Redwood Company is felling trees intentionally & dangerously close to Rook's Tree Sit.

Quote from Rook:
"The roadbuilding equipment, which has been busy tearing apart the ridge top meadow for the last week, made it into the woods, and to my tree this morning. While I was on a low branch documenting them, the excavator operator started knocking down several small trees at about my height, in my direction. One struck the branch I was sitting on, about 10 minutes later another brushed me on the way down.

During this, the Lear guard on the ground seemed unconcerned, and when the operator stopped his machine, he brushed the incident off and would not comment on it."


Rook needs our support! Please call these numbers and tell them to stop recklessly endangering Rook's life. We need to flood their office with calls immediately.

John Andersen - Director of Forest Policy (707) 962-2820
(707) 272-1177

Deakon Duey - Drafts logging plans (707)272-0911

Ben Hawk - Forester for Mattole Region (707)489-2871

Bob Mertz - CEO (707) 467-3385

June 23rd, 2019 - Update from Rook in the tree:

"It's been a real rollercoaster up here; especially with the two 5+ magnitude earthquakes that rattled the canopy last night! Ever since my supplies were raided, my food and water cut out of the tree in front of me, I've been receiving varying amounts of water at irregular times from the guards (Lear is just here to "keep everyone safe", after all - even if they got to tackle em to do it). Sometimes it's a few ounces, sometimes up to a liter and a half a day. Now it seems like they've eased up a bit and will send me "as much as I need". So far it's been happening - thanks to everyone who called in or came to rally at the gate in support!

Food is a Concern - I'm eating about 300 calories a day, carefully rationing the little bit of food I was able to save, or retrieve from branches where it got caught on the way down (Thanks, ya tree). My situation is still precarious, but it's this forest that needs your support most of all. Logging and roadwork is ongoing. Every day brings more destruction, fragmentation of habitat, erosion. Every day they work to convert this rare and unique ecosystem into a commercial tree farm. The repeat visits from a pair of Sonoma Tree voles are heartening. I hope that the presence of old growth dependant species in this area - the voles, the spotted owl nest cross the creek, the agarikon fungi in the forest downhill, will give strength to our assertion that HRC is attempting to log and convert exactly the type of high conservation value landscape which their sustainability certifiers have directed them to identify and set aside.

Until then, we'll be out here slowin' em down."


June 21, 2019

Tomorrow will be two weeks up in this tree!

It's been very windy lately, which combined with some spit n' paper earplugs, has been great for muffling the demented rantings of the tactical pajama party occuring below me nightly - sorry guys, you just ain't that loud. Keep tryin'.... In the last week I've seen most of my supplies and a part of my living area destroyed and cut apart. I've watched the younger trees around me felled, close enough to smash into me if the wind blew the wrong way. Every day the machinery up in the ridge top meadow advances, cutting a wide road into the steep grassland.

Yesterday, my brave, bold friend was chased down and tackled while trying to deliver me food, water and some fresh damn underwear.

I'm still grateful to be up here, in my branchy fortress with the wind, sun, and duelling squirrels. I reflect a lot on the idea of trying so hard to protect the life of a being who can't thank me, can't encourage me, and likely has no regard whatsoever for me. That's more how we should be, right? - stewards to the greater community of life, not needing immediate gratification for our efforts, but knowing them worthy, necessary... Really, it feels like the only thing to do.

From the trees,


“It’s been very windy lately, which combined with some spit n' paper earplugs, has been great for muffling the demented rantings of the tactical pajama party occurring below me nightly - sorry guys, you just ain't that loud." - Rook


June 12, 2019

For the last four days, the guards under this tree have tried to engage me in conversation. They've been on their best behavior. No threats, no taunts. They've expressed concern for my safety. Offered to send me up a beer. Aside from one brief, clumsy attempt at harassment, they've not bothered me much. One of them whistles through entire classical scores, and it's really pretty nice. I'm sure he's someone's favorite uncle. I still have nothing "friendly" to say to them, or about them. They're on the wrong side. They're carrying tasers and handcuffs to hurt and detain us. They're here to starve me out of this tree so it can be felled.

I sit up in my perch, listening to the thunder of trees falling, close, across the creek on brushy ridge. Fourteen so far, this morning. I think about a future without forests. Trees are falling down the coast from so-called British Columbia to California. (Fifteen trees down, now). Cedars, Firs, Redwoods becoming lumber, pulp, biomass, tree plantations..... Smoke.

How long can it continue, how long until we create a climate unable to support healthy forests? (Sixteen). Another generation? Two? (Seventeen, eighteen).

Whatever their intentions, the men who guard this tree, who hunt us in the woods, who escort the loggers to work each morning, are doing their part to create the future their descendants will inherit - one of famine, climate migration, global poverty. (Nineteen)

They are enabling the ecological collapse. They are making me watch the destruction of a place I love. I'm not interested in helping them feel better about that. We're fighting for a better world, and they're in the way. (Twenty trees down).

Meet “Twigs”


Awakened during recent nights in the moonlit canopy , #treesitter Rook’s hair was being nibbled by a small creature, and was puzzled later when sprigs of fresh Douglas Fir foliage mysteriously appeared in a backpack 🎒. Last night, the tiny culprit revealed itself! A member of the rare species (called Red Tree Voles in the western #hallsofscience ), they only eat Douglas Fir needles with few exceptions. Rook has given this #oldgrowth#treetop#heartbreaker the nickname "Twigs".


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Support Those Being Arrested

Tree-Sitter’s Water Restricted By Militarized Security Firm

Tree-Sitter’s Water Restricted By Militarized Security Firm

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Monument Gate Ladder Blockade: Arrests & Violence