Protect the Mattole Watershed and Get informed about whats happening on Rainbow Ridge!

The Wise Fight to Protect our Future as Humboldt Redwood Company Lies about its Sustainability Practices!

The Wise Fight to Protect our Future as Humboldt Redwood Company Lies about its Sustainability Practices!

Elders Continue Standing Up To HRC’s Insane Plan to Demolish “Last of the Last” Ancient Forests in Mattole Watershed.


On July 2, 2019 - 87 year old Jack Nounnan locked himself to the entry gate at the lumber mill in Scotia, CA to protest Deforestation in the Mattole & Globally.

He is calling out Humboldt Redwood Company’s role in the current climate crisis and taking action to interrupt the flow of logging trucks that pass through this gate. Jack stayed locked down for several hours. When the Humboldt County Sheriff Department arrived, they used a grinder and bandsaw to cut through the gate itself. Jack refused to release from his lockbox, however was later released with citations and the lockbox in tow.


According to Kym Kemp’s news, “An elderly man kneels on asphalt with his head against the rusty bars of the gate at the entrance to Humboldt Redwood Company’s mill in Scotia this afternoon. He has locked himself there as a protest against ongoing logging by the Humboldt Redwood Company on Rainbow Ridge which rises through the Mattole Forest. A small group of protesters, one playing a guitar, two holding a large banner support him.”

87-year-old Jack Jack Nounnan is trying to stop traffic at the main log truck entry , explained Georgia Doremus, spokesperson for Earth First!, Humboldt and the campaign to Save the Mattole’s Ancient Forest.

“He’s blocking log trucks from coming into the mill,” said Doremus. “He’s been blocking log trucks for maybe two hours,” she told us about 3:10 p.m.

John Anderson, Director of Humboldt Redwood Company, quoted as saying:

“We have had a longstanding policy to take anyone anywhere on the property, to the place of their choosing to see firsthand our forest management activities. Pick a place on the map, anywhere on our property, and we will go there together to look at it and talk about it.”


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Second Tree Sit Established!

Second Tree Sit Established!

Lock Down Action

Lock Down Action