Protect the Mattole Watershed and Get informed about whats happening on Rainbow Ridge!

July 3rd Rally At Monument Gate

July 3rd Rally At Monument Gate

On July 3rd 2019, over 60 community members rallied at Monument Gate, the main access point to the Mattole’s Complex habitat structure at Rainbow Ridge. Humboldt Redwood Company (HRC) continues to log, herbicide and plunder for profit this Ancient Forest; home to endangered species and a critical battle ground in the fight against Global Deforestation, which contributes to climate change and habitat extinction.

“Logging began four weeks ago in the Un-Entered Ancient Forests of Rainbow Ridge. The Lost Coast League was shocked that Humboldt Redwood Company began falling trees without completing the required designation of High Conservation Value Forest (HCVF) lands in the Mattole, as directed by their Sustainable Forestry Certifier.

SCS Global Services of Emeryville, CA., “An International Leader in third party Certification and Standards in Environmental Sustainability”; stated that Humboldt Redwood Company (HRC) had requested SCS Global Services to declare there was no high conservation forest on those proposed logging plans and subsequently, the certifying body of SCS had given the go-ahead.

While the bureaucratic language exercise that HRC and SCS engage in failed to designate the forest as high conservation value, the endangered wildlife simply moved in to establish that it is…. in fact, high conservation value.

Interestingly enough SCS Global Service has negated the #1 guideline of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) “Common Guidance for IDENTIFICATION of HIGH CONSERVATION VALUES”, which are the very guidelines SCS is intended to uphold and implement.

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Guideline #1: Determining High Value Conservation:

"HCV 1: Species Diversity: Concentrations of biological diversity* including endemic species, and rare*, threatened* or endangered species, that are significant* at global, regional or national levels.”

Both HRC & SCS should recognize that the spotted owl and vole have already fulfilled the Forest Stewardship Councils (FSC)’s first criteria for High Conservation Value.

- Michael Evenson, Lost Coast League

At the rally, players acted out a scene from “Queen Salmon”, A play by David Simpson. Below is the original scene recreated at the rally.

this one jen.png

“It doesn’t matter who owns the land, It’s a moral issue.”

During the Rally, Jene McCovey, a member of the Yurok Tribe and a longtime environmentalist shared ancient stories and sang powerful healing songs to inspire & bless the crowd.

Take Action!

Please add your voice and letters to the editor of your local papers and / or the leading California papers, alerting the public to the great loss of carbon-fixing forestland and biodiversity, and brutality to a landscape essential to the recovery of the Mattole River watershed.

Let your legislators know that you are concerned for the fate of the Ancient Forest and for the Spotted Owl nest as well. The public forum is focused on the presidential election, potential war in the Middle East, measures needed to prevent damaging wildfire and a host of important issues. Preserving our north state forestland biodiversity is to stop deforestation in our own back yard and doing our part to slow the climate catastrophe that is already being felt.


Protesters Defend Northern Spotted Owl Nest Discovered in logging Area!

To substantiate our claim that these forests, indeed, qualify for High Conservation Value considerations by Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified timber companies, a Northern Spotted Owl is nesting there for the first time in years. The tree which is being defended by Rook, a Tree Sitter is home to Sonoma Tree Voles, a species of concern because it is favored prey by spotted owls.” -Michael Evenson, Lost Coast League

Attempted Resupply for Rook

After harassing and depriving food and water from Rook, the Tree Sitter at times, literally attempting to starve Rook out, an excavator toppled trees next to sitters tree, hitting the Rook with branches from falling trees as they went down. Widespread public outrage is building at the brutality of force toward Rook and the owl-bearing forest. At the Rally on July 3rd, protesters approached the Lear Security Forces at Monument Gate and requested food and water be taken to Rook. A pic-nick basket filled was offered to the Guard on duty .

Rook Finally Received Resupply


“Over the ridge, while sitting in the tree affectionately named Trickster, Rook finally received some of the supplies sent from the Monument Gate Rally - enclosed in an adorable picnic basket!

Permanent tree resident, Twigs the Sonoma Red Tree Vole, was reached out to but refused to comment, (humor for our new found friends trying to make their way). Twigs and other Voles recent activities include dragging small branches over the faces of sleeping tree sitters, and lunging at unprotected fingers. Yikes!” - Forest Defenders Facebook Post

HRC Logs Northern Spotted Owl Habitat : CalFire Pledges to Call & Ask Logging to Hault

HRC Logs Northern Spotted Owl Habitat : CalFire Pledges to Call & Ask Logging to Hault

Second Tree Sit Established!

Second Tree Sit Established!