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In June 2019, The Humboldt Redwood Company (HRC) began logging in a High Conservation Values (HCV) Forest on Rainbow Ridge, in Northern California. This forest is one of the last un-entered ancient forests in the state. It is also a complex habitat structure for several endangered and vulnerable indicator species. Despite HRC’s “Sustainable Certification” (granted by SCS Global Services), the project has not been deemed “sustainable” by the legal guidelines of SCS adhering to High Conservation Values (HVC) guidelines from the The Forest Stewardship Council, nor to local advocate groups like the Lost Coast League, The Mattole Restoration Council and others. Many of these groups have worked for over forty- five years restoring the Mattole Wastershed, and it’s wild salmon runs, which were nearing extinction after the Redwoods were cut with no consideration to the life of the river. Rainbow Ridge is part of the headwaters of the Mattole Watershed, and community members have been trying to save this one of a kind ecosystem for over twenty years.

In an effort to protect the many plant and animal species currently being destroyed, Forest Defenders are participating in Direct Action to stall the logging operations. They established Tree Sits, erected ladders at the main entrance to prevent trucks from passing (picture to left), and locked themselves down to heavy equipment at the logging site and the Scotia, CA mill facility. The Tree Sitters have endured hardships, as a Militarized Private Security Firm has cut down the supplies from the Tree Sitter, Rook’s post while strictly rationing food and water supplies, essentially attempting to starve Rook down from the tree.

Humboldt County community members are joining in the protests as information leaks out about the condition of the Tree Sitter, how HRC is ignoring federal protections on endangered species and jeopardizing the future of our planet’s need for natural carbon filters, which these ancient trees supply. A Northern Spotted Owl nest was found in the logging zone. HRC has dramatically shrunk the protective buffer zone around the federally protected species logging well within the 1000 feet normally given to protect this sensitive habitat.

As more people connect the dots between local deforestation, global climate change, mass species extinction and the future of humanity; the choice for many is clear. Think globally, act locally.

The Fisher Family owns Humboldt Redwood Company, which owns the land and has refused offers to purchase the land for preservation and study purposes. The Fisher’s also own Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, The Oakland A’s, Mendicino Redwood Company and billions of dollars through other corporate assets. The Fisher’s are also supposedly big contributors to various Conservancy Organizations, yet as one of the largest land owners in the United States they refuse to see the true value and benefit of this unique and ancient forest. This is truly a last stand to protect the "Last of the Last" of California’s ancient, carbon sequestering forests.

Join the Fight to Save Rainbow Ridge. Take informed, non-violent action, for your children and their children. The time to Act is now.